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The meeting on systems and control theory is a biannual gathering of Canadian researchers and their students. The objective of the meeting is to share ideas, and to allow students to present their research results in a friendly setting. The emphasis of the meeting is on results of theoretical nature with a fundamental component of interest to a general systems control audience.

Students give 30 minute long seminars, while professors can give either 30 minute or 50 minute long seminars. Talks by professors are expected to be of tutorial nature so as to have a pedagogical component for the graduate student audience.

Download the meeting attendee package.

The idea to hold this biannual event originated in 2003 with Brian Ingalls, Andrew Lewis, and Manfredi Maggiore. The original focus of the meeting was in the area of nonlinear control.

Links to previous meetings:

Queen's University, 2004

University of Toronto, 2006

University of Waterloo, 2008

Queen's University, 2010